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Past Whisky Selections

February 2022


About The Distillery:

Amrut Distilleries was founded in Bangalore, Karnataka in 1948 & is the first single malt whisky to be made in India. Neidhal is a single malt sourced from a Neidhal, or coastal region, and exhibits traits that uniquely spring from the locale. Neidhal, or “coastal plains”, is one of the Earth’s five regions as classified in ancient Tamil texts; each region is said to have its own literary style, culture, cuisine and mood.

Why We Love It:

Amrut put quality India Whiskey on the map, and this is the latest expression of that effort. Produced from 100% Peated Indian barley, 12000 bottles total produced.

Tasting Note:

Notes of tropical fruits, vanilla punctuated by soft phenols and above all sea salt on the nose. The palate is a fruit cocktail and mesmerising phenols with a touch of iodine. Phenolic finish with a touch of sweet vanilla.

January 2022


About this Whiskey:   

Fercullen 14 Year Single Malt is a sourced whiskey released by Powerscourt Distillery in Co. Wicklow. It aged for 14 years in ex-bourbon and was distilled by Powerscourt master distiller Noel Sweeney. Bottled at 92 proof.


Why We Love It:         

Three custom-designed copper pot stills form the Distillery centrepiece. Uniquely shaped by skilled craftsmen, these copper stills are made in much the same way as they were in the 1800’s when the Mill House was in daily use. Powerscourt Distillery has been custom designed and commissioned by Forsyths, a 5th-generation family owned business from Scotland who have been manufacturing distillery equipment since the 1890’s.


Tasting note:  

Honey, vanilla, sweet malty, spice, almonds, cinnamon, rich plums, clean and fresh. A refreshingly smooth and complex palate, silky sweet malt with subtle oak. Spicy, fruity, nutty, complex and tasty.



About this Whiskey:  

Pearse Founder’s Choice is a 12-year-old Single Malt aged in ex-Bourbon barrels from our sister distillery, Town Branch Distillery in Lexington Kentucky. Distilled in pot stills from 100% malted barley.


Why We Love It:         

Dublin has deep historical roots with world class Irish whiskey. Official records have revealed that Irish Whiskey production grew to some four million gallons in the 1820s. Of course, this did not account for the illegal Irish Whiskey that was also being distilled without permission. The blend is bottled at 42% ABV and features no chill filtration or additional colouring. It is the only member of the line-up to have an age statement, which is 12 years.


Tasting note:  

This is a gorgeous Irish whiskey. On the nose this whiskey opens with orchard fruits of white peach, apple and a tingle of spiced pear, herbal and pine. Hints of lemon, dried orange and a touch of honeysuckle. A medium to long finish, is deliciously silky smooth and leaves you with warm notes of ginger and clove.