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3 Tips To Become A Better Wine Taster


Wine is a curious thing. It’s quite complex and sophisticated for fermented grape juice, don’t you think? We love wine because it tastes like everything but grapes — spices, vanilla, berries, apples, butter; you name it. You can even find scents reminiscent of black olives, damp earth and leather in your wineglass, and that’s thrilling!

No one is born a supertaster (except for supertasters, of course). You become one, and the best way to do it is by tasting wine, which differs greatly from just drinking it. You can do a few other things, though; here are 3 tips to become a better wine taster.


1. Taste Everything!

Taste everything, and we don’t mean only wine. When you smell and taste wine, your brain connects the molecules that enter your nose to a specific memory. If you don’t know how lychees taste like, you’ll never identify that tropical scent in your glass of Sauv Blanc.

Taste different fruits, spices and herbs, and do so consciously. Build a memory bank of aromas, and you’ll start finding more and more identifiable scents in your glass of wine.


2. Take Notes

Writing down the color, scents, flavors and texture you find in wine will help you taste better. Even professional sommeliers take wine notes; every time they try a new wine style, they’ll record acidic levels, astringency, flavors and aroma.

Put in writing your impressions because it allows you to go back to your notes and find similarities between wine bottles. Make sure you write down your general opinion, too. Do you like it or not? You’ll soon find out which types of wine are the ones you enjoy the most. The answer might surprise you.


3. Taste With Others

Wine is better enjoyed with friends, even if that means tasting together virtually! You’ll become a better taster by trying different wines with like-minded people. You might find blackberry aromas in your glass of wine, but someone else might find it plummy instead.

Taste with others and share your views. You can always learn something from your peers. If you’re just getting started, taste with more experienced people, and once you’re confident enough, taste with younger folks and show them how it’s done. After all, wine is all about sharing!